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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Wedding - Ainar & Dolar

1st wedding of 2013 and its my frends sis wedding. I honestly had d most stressful and awesome experience. This was the insane week i was talking bout in my earlier post. i seriously have to thanked my family for putting up with my insanity and erratic mood and also to my office crew for helping me with the gifts. Without them i'll probably end up a zombie! I had to make the hantaran cake gift, 300 guests gift and 3-tier wedding cake. I volunteered to do a dessert table on d solemnization day which i was very very very excited. My intention was sincerely to help out the sis... she needed all the help she can get n i was willing to offer mine. She needed help also with some corsages, VIP gifts, hand bouquets. I was happy that the wedding went well. I'm not saying it was perfect... of course there was hiccups but eventually everything came together and it was beautiful. To Ainar & Dolar if u guys ever read this CONGRATULATIONS and may u b bless with long, happy and awesome life together! xxx

"Hantaran" tall mini cake gift, choc flavour, RM230

The dessert table - strawberry dipped choc, vanilla caramel cuppies, phat Nutella choc chip cookies, orangee choc petit fors....... i was gutted i didnt get to take a proper picture of d dessert table :(
The guests gift contains RV brownies
...... and lastly the wedding cake. 3-tier, 10" ie middle tier is the real cake with 4 temari cakes. Caramel choc flavour, RM 1400. Culdnt believe i only snap couple of pic of this beautiful cake.. damn!


A diver who loves building towns...

Choc flavour, 6.5" round, RM190


Very pink princess (I)

I just love making Princess cake... Always trying to figure out how not to make each princess looking cake d same. Choc flavour, RM380


Man U n Fabric Flowers, more Babies, Hawaiian theme

I love how siblings celebrate their bdays on d same day.. how awesome is dat! the only problem is mummy has to endure the children fighting over who shud b at d top tier, n whose cake is bigger and whose looking way awesome than d other.... hahahahaah i felt sorry for mummy.. 

Wicked choc & vanilla cuppies, RM3 each
6.5" round eggless butter sponge cake, RM220
 8" & 10" round Orangee choc flavour cake, RM400


Welcoming 2013

*pheeewwwwww* done with the old posts. 

January 2013 has been a good start so far. Orders been pouring in and it came to a point that i had to decline few customers which i hate to do. If only i have helpers.... 2nd week of Jan was insane for me... will let u know in my nxt post ;)


End of 2012 - baby shower

i'm a sucker for baby showers (think u guys know dat)... i get all inspired w/ d cuteness just cudnt help myself. And as you can see i went a bit crazy w/ d photo taking (as always). Choc medium cupcake, RM5 each, 9" round choc cake, RM350